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The Ffynnon Group

Our mission: To provide a private sanctuary where Art, Spirit and Nature meet.

Ffynnon is a forested 80-acre retreat and farm located in the Nehalem River valley just south of Vernonia, Oregon.  Our unusual name, Ffynnon (Welsh, pronounced FIN-un) means 'source,' or 'spring.' It is a place for returning to harmony, a place of restoration. Ffynnon connects people and community through the renewing gifts of nature, enabling members and guests to forge a deeper relationship with each other, the land, and themselves. This is the power of place. This is the power of Ffynnon.

We share these core values: a profound appreciation of art in our lives, an understanding of the unifying power of spirit, and a deep and devoted love of nature. Join us as we together create a community space in the beauty of the forest where Art, Spirit, and Nature meet. 


Ffynnon aims to provide the ultimate private outdoor settings for music, dance and theatre performances, education workshops, and group activities, in the Movement & Performing Arts, Fine Arts, Writing, and Crafts. Individuals can pursue their personal art projects in a natural setting, creating the ideal hermitage for inspiring artistic pursuits.


Connect on deeper levels to nature and the community that grows up around Ffynnon. Participate in rituals and group events from many traditions that nurture our spiritual connection to the land and each other. Ffynnon is a safe sanctuary for pursuits of the spirit and its relationship to nature. We are a multi-faceted community whose members include Pagans, Christians, Jews, Yogis, Sufis, agnostics and even atheists. We are welcoming to those who respect each other’s sacred traditions and faiths and who honor an individual’s right to a personal relationship with Spirit. What binds the community together is our commitment to freedom and exploration of spirit in a beautiful private forest sanctuary.


Ffynnon is a beautiful corner of the woods and a source of restoration and inspiration for our members and guests. Parts of what is called Ffynnon now was at one time fallow land, completely logged and in some areas, used as a dump site. Over many years, our efforts have helped restore the forest. Membership in Ffynnon is belonging to a place, a tangible space in the Pacific Northwest forest for lasting experiences now and for generations to come. Your participation has a direct and lasting effect for the land and forest, our members and especially you, by helping to preserve nature and support responsible forest management.

56965 Pebble Creek Rd
Vernonia, Oregon 97064

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