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What are accommodations like at Ffynnon?

Staying overnight at Ffynnon is rustic. You must provide your own tent, van, or vehicle, bedding, tables/chairs, food, and cookware. We abide by "Leave no Trace" principles, so all guests must pack out trash, recycling, and food waste.

Can I bring my pet?

No Pets. Only certified and trained service animals may attend events at Ffynnon.  Owners are responsible for their service animal, keeping the animal on leash, and cleaning up waste. 

Is there potable water?

Ffynnon provides guests with a water spigot and showers that use water from our well. The water is potable, though has a sulfuric smell at first and is soft/slippery. We recommend guests bring extra water, in case of an emergency or if the taste/smell of well water is unpleasant. 

Is smoking allowed? 

There is a designated smoking area near the arena, close to the parking. All butts must be put out in a glass or ceramic container, not on the ground. Smoking is not allowed anywhere else on site. 

Can I walk barefoot around Ffynnon?

No. There is always wild rose, blackberries, thistles, and other sharp foliage, along with gravel, wood chips, and other splinter causing material. Sometimes sharp objects come to the surface. We recommend sturdy sandals for casual walking and hiking shoes for walking the trails, which can often be muddy, even in the summer. 

Is Ffynnon ADA accessible?

Due to the rustic nature of Ffynnon, we can not guarantee smooth walking surfaces or trails sufficient for walkers, canes, wheelchairs, or other mobility devices. Our future plans include accessible trails and other amenities. You can donate to our fund to provide a golf cart to transport guests with mobility issues and to purchase a permanent ADA portable toilet.

Are donations to Ffynnon tax deductible?

Ffynnon became a 501c(3) in 2023!  We are now able to offer you a tax benefit for your generous donations! 

56965 Pebble Creek Rd
Vernonia, Oregon 97064

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